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In-Ground Pool Landscaping & Renovations Contractors I Need Find Best Local Swimming Pool Remodeling Company Remodel Up Date Cost Ideas Cost Free Quote When thinking about landscape designs for pools, an important decision to make is what type of pool paving material to use.


Environmental Considerations in Pool Landscaping

Personal taste is absolutely important and yard art will define a theme and tone around your pool. If you love the sounds of nature, consider wind chimes, bird baths or feeders. Ponds and fountains are also great for relaxing and soothing noise. Your pool landscaping design will depend on whether your backyard has any physical or architectural limitations. These include hills, irrigation or telephone poles. For slopes or hills, retaining walls or a raised deck may need to be part of the design. Environmental factors will also determine your backyard's look. A patio should also have wonderful view and be situated out of the wind. Placing a patio close to your house will be the most practical. Also, think where you receive sunlight and at what times. Sun exposure will determine plants, shrubs and awnings. If privacy is a concern, fencing, trellises, vines, ivy and hedges may need to be considered.

Pool Decks and Patios

The type of patio or pool deck that you choose on will probably affect certain landscaping elements. Patio and deck materials are crucial. Wood is the most common material used in decks. For pool patios, concrete, brick, cobblestone and marble can be used. A deck or patio should be non-slipping and cool to walk on as well as aesthetically enhancing. Wooden decks work well with wooden trellises or privacy screens and matching flower boxes. A concrete pool patio will better match stone fountains and concrete art.

Pool Landscape Lighting

Path lights around the pool will create lighting for night use. Up lights in nearby trees will add some lighting also. Torch lights are a great way to create lighting for areas where typical lighting does not seem to work. And torch lights create a wonderful ambiance! You want your swimming pool lighting to be functional, but also subtle.

Swimming Pool Furniture- When creating landscape designs for pools and the pool paving, Designers always make sure the spaces will be large enough for the desired seating. They usually allow a minimum of 15' for a table and chairs and 10' for lounges. I try to make the area used for dining easily accessible to the kitchen.

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Inground Pool Patio Contractors FREE Quote ➨ Inground Pool Landscaping Company Inground Pool Waterfalls Install Flagstone Inground Pool Pavers Patio Inground Pool Repair Pool Tile Coping Replace Inground